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Top Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

How To Make A Guy Want You – Do This, Don’t Do That

Learning how to make a guy want you by dressing sexy only requires a change in attire. However, learning how to make a man want you in a way that creates a deep emotional attraction with him is an entirely different story.

If you think getting a guy to notice you and keeping him interested in a relationship is all about doing up your makeup, spraying on a sweet smelling perfume, wearing the smallest and tightest clothes possible, and making sure you show a little cleavage, then it’s time to set the record straight.

woman with a sexy look You CAN get a guys attention with your looks. There’s no denying that.

In fact, you should always look your best if you want to attract men because men are very visually oriented and are drawn to the sexy physique of a woman. Your looks alone can definitely make a guy want you sexually.

However, looks alone won’t get the job done if you want him to fall in love with you and commit to a relationship with you. Looks might attract men, but they won’t keep men.

There are millions of beautiful women in the world, and if looks are all you have to offer a man, then it won’t be enough to keep him around. He’ll simply find someone else.

Why Men Don’t Make Sense

Men and women are total opposites in a lot of ways. But there’s good reason for this. Men and women are meant to complement each other.

However, this also causes problems in relationships because men tend to think and act only like men and women tend to think and act only like women. And it makes sense to do so since that’s all either gender really knows.

However, thinking and acting like a woman while trying to understand a man simply leaves you confused and frustrated a large majority of the time. You start wondering things like:

  • Why don’t men ever want commitment? (Again, men actually crave commitment…but it has to be with the RIGHT woman)
  • Why don’t men ever pay attention or listen? (You’ll be banging your head against the wall if you approach him when he’s emotionally unavailable)
  • Do men ever FEEL anything? They never want to talk about their emotions. (Not true when you know how to create the right situation for him to open up to you)
  • Why does he seem to pull away or become disinterested over time? (It could have a lot to do with these respect principles.)
  • And perhaps the biggest question on the minds of many women, “Why are men so hard to understand? They just don’t make any sense.”

How To Make A Guy Want You By Understanding Men

If you don’t understand men, then you won’t understand what men want and need in a woman and in a relationship. And without knowing that, it can be nearly impossible to make a guy fall deeply in love.

You’ve probably noticed some women who seem to have it all figured out. They always have great guys around and it seems like men are just drawn to them like a magnet. These women have figured out how to connect with men on a level that is much deeper than sexual desire.

Here’s how…explore Relationship Doctor Bob Grant’s research and find out what men really want.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Making Him Want You

Here’s a quick cheat sheet with some do’s and dont’s you should always keep in mind when trying to catch and keep the attention of a man.

  • Do take pride in your appearance. He’s genetically wired to be attracted to the way you look and the way you carry yourself. It’s not everything and you certainly don’t have to be a “10” to get a man, but it does matter. Accentuate your best features.
  • Do carry yourself with confidence. Be secure in who you are and understand you don’t need a man to be happy. Confidence is super sexy and extremely attractive. Just be you!
  • Do be fun and flirty. A positive, happy attitude is contagious. How you make him FEEL when he’s around you is critically important. Always leave interactions with him on a high note and make him feel amazing every time he’s around you.
  • Don’t drain him emotionally with your problems, especially early on in the relationship. He has his own problems to deal with. It’s too much too soon to take on your burdens as well.
  • Do make eye contact and smile at him as much as possible. It sends a positive vibe, lets him know you like and accept him, and gives him the “go ahead” to approach you.
  • Don’t look away if you catch him glancing at you. Instead, smile and be confident. If you look away you risk him taking it as a sign you’re not interested. If he thinks he might get rejected if he approaches you, then he probably won’t.
  • Don’t ever try to change a man. He is who he is, faults, flaws, and imperfections included. Don’t fall in love with his potential and then expect to turn him into a better man. He’ll only resent you for it.
  • Do let him be a guy. He needs time to himself sometimes. He needs time with the guys sometimes. His independence means the world to him and he won’t stay if you try to take that away from him.
  • Don’t criticize, whine, or complain when he doesn’t do something right. He’ll only start to feel like he’s not good enough. There’s better ways to get what you want from a man. Kara Oh explains more in her book Men Made Easy.
  • Do compliment him and admire him. Men need admiration from a woman and seldom get compliments. Make yourself stand out as the one and only woman who “gets him” by telling him what you love about him.
  • Don’t be emotionally needy. Most men won’t be able to handle it. This is where your girlfriends can step in and be there for you.
  • Do respect his privacy. Trust him until he gives you a reason not to.
  • Do give him signs you’re interested. The thought of being rejected by a woman is a horrible proposition for most men. Take his insecurities away by flirting, smiling, and making it known that you like him to get him to ask you out.
  • Do support his dreams and goals no matter what they are. They may seem stupid or idiotic to you, but they mean the world to him. If you think he’s going to fail, support him anyway and let him fail on his own. He needs to feel your support if he’s going to stick around.
  • Do make him feel successful. Men crave success because they are judged by how successful they are at things just like many women are judged by their looks. Do what you can to make him feel successful in everything he does.
  • Do make good use of scents and perfumes. Just don’t over do it. You want him to catch a whiff, but you don’t want to knock him out or make him have to leave the room to catch some fresh air.

Use the tips above and you can take a strong leap forward in your quest to learn how to make a guy want you.