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Top Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out When He’s Clueless About Your Flirting Signals

He’s cute. He’s funny. He always makes you smile, and he’s so much fun to be around. You have lots of things in common, and you feel like you’ve had a great connection with him from the day you met.

But there’s a problem…you still aren’t sure how to tell if he likes you.

He still hasn’t asked you out on a date, and you’re starting to wonder how he really feels. Is the connection you feel all just a show he’s putting on to be nice or is there something more between the two of you?

You’ve tried to let him know you like him.

get a guy to ask you out You’ve flashed smile after smile. You’ve batted your eyelashes, fidgeted with your hair, and laughed at all of his jokes (even the ones that weren’t funny). You’ve used friendly and inviting body language while talking to him and have gone the extra mile to perfect your appearance every time you know you’re going to be around him.

You’ve complimented him and playfully teased and flirted with him. You’ve even gone as far as wearing that low-cut top and putting on a cute mini skirt in an attempt to create attraction and get him to notice you.

You’ve tried just about everything to get the guy you want to ask you out, but he still doesn’t realize you’re flirting with him, or doesn’t seem in any hurry to make a move. You feel like you’ve given him exactly what men want.

What’s a girl to do?

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It works great to get guys to ask you out too!

What You Should Do The Next Time You Want Him To Ask You Out And He’s Clueless About Your Advances

When it comes to picking up on flirting signals from women, guys can be pretty clueless sometimes. You might think it’s totally obvious, but he just doesn’t “get it”. If you find yourself in this predicament, then it may be time to cut to the chase and be more direct in your approach.

As you find yourself in the middle of conversations with your man, look for times when you can interject direct statements such as “I like you” or “We should go out sometime”. For example, if he says something funny that makes you laugh, you can look him directly in the eyes and respond with, “I like you. You always make me laugh.”

It’s important to say these statements with total confidence. Act like you’ve got nothing to lose and like you’re talking to your best friend whom you’ve known for years. You know, the friend who will never judge you regardless of what you say. Being timid can make the situation feel awkward for you, him, or both of you.

When trying to get a guy to ask you out, remember that many guys find the thought of being rejected by a woman extremely scary. In fact, even the most macho of men can stumble all over themselves and be rendered helpless by a beautiful women.

Women truly do have an incredible power over men when they know how to use it. Read more about what men want and how to become an irresistible woman.

If your man has any doubts about how you feel about him, it can be enough to keep him from asking you out. This is particularly true if he’s naturally shy around women. He might also feel like asking you out too soon might scare you away or cause you to think he’s being too forward.

By using direct statements in your conversations with him, you can give him the extra reassurance he needs to have the confidence to approach you in the future and ask you out on a date.

How To Get Him To Ask You Out Using A Flirty Little Conversation Twist

Here’s how to get a guy to ask you out by creating anticipation and getting him excited about the prospect of going out with you. All it takes is giving the end of your conversation a flirty little twist. This is what you should do.

girl with a flirty smile The next time you have a conversation with him and are getting ready to leave, take a couple steps away and then turn back around abruptly. Look him directly in the eyes and in a light-hearted, fun tone say “Ya know, (enter his name here), if you asked me out sometime I might say yes.” Then, flash him a flirty smile or wink at him and just walk away. You’re sure to be on his mind the rest of the day.

When you’re not sure how to make a guy like you enough to ask you on a date, this works well for several reasons.

By using the word “might” but then following it with a flirty wink or smile you’re playing into his biological need to chase and pursue you while taking away any doubts or insecurities he might have about being rejected. And you don’t come across as being “too available”.

Plus, it’s fun and flirty. It dials up the attraction.

Also, by walking away and not giving him a chance to respond you take away the possibility of an awkward moment. At this point, he knows how you feel and he can think about it (and you) the rest of the day.

If he likes you, he now knows he can ask you out and you’ll say yes. If he’s not interested, then he doesn’t have to feel awkward standing there trying to explain how he only sees you as a friend.

Either he’s now going to ask you out or he’s not. If he doesn’t, then you know he’s not interested and neither one of you has to go through an awkward moment where you run the risk of saying something to be nice rather than telling each other how you truly feel.

Third, if he likes you, then you’ve just left him feeling amazing and full of anticipation for when he sees you again. More than likely he won’t be able to stop thinking about you. And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

As relationship doctor and author of “What’s He Really Thinking”, Bob Grant, points out, how you make a guy feel is one of the keys to making him want you and making him fall in love with you. This type of flirty interaction that leaves a guy wanting more is one of the keys to attracting and keeping the guy you want. Here are some other great flirting tips.

This type of interaction works extremely well in person, but if you’re shy or don’t think you can pull it off, it can also be accomplished via text messages or on the phone. In fact, using sexual innuendo via text messages can be a great way to flirt. When done in the right way, you can turn a guy on in a classy way that will make him feel sexually attracted to you even if you’re miles away.

If He Still Won’t Ask You Out, Here’s What To Do

It’s always a good idea to give a man plenty of opportunities to ask you out first as some men can feel emasculated if it seems like the woman is taking on the man’s role. But sometimes you have to be bold and go after the things you want. This includes men.

If you like a guy and he won’t ask you out, then take matters into your own hands and ask him out. If you don’t know how to ask a guy out and you’re worried about figuring out a fun date idea, here are several hundred fun dates to choose from.

Remember to make your first date something that is “emotionally charged” and not just the typical dinner and a movie. These types of dates often involve something thrilling or dangerous (think go karts or roller coasters). Studies show emotionally charged dates create a much stronger bond in people who share them and are a great way to keep a guy interested for future dates.

By taking the initiative and asking a guy out rather than waiting around for him to pick up on your flirting signals, you exude confidence which is always an attractive quality. It’s part of a list of traits men want in a woman.

The worst that happens is he says no or he’s not interested. And that certainly isn’t the end of the world.

Yes, you might feel temporarily rejected and deflated, but remember that his response in no way reflects anything about you or the type of person you are, so don’t take it personally.

At least then you’ll know one way or another and won’t have to waste your time trying to get the attention of a man who isn’t interested in you. The guy who is right for you will love you for you, just the way you are. You won’t have to “convince” or “force” him to like you, and you won’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Remember, any guy who turns you down and won’t even take the chance to get to know you isn’t the right guy for you. The perfect man is out there who will notice, appreciate, and be turned on by you and your flirting.

When all else fails, sometimes landing a date with a man comes down to being brave, bold, and assertive. The great thing about relationships today is that the modern woman doesn’t have to wait around for a guy to notice her. She can take matters into her own hands if she so chooses.

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