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Top Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

How To Attract A Guy – If Love Is What You Want, Love Is What You’ll Get

Today, right now, you’re going to learn how to attract a guy so you can get the man you want. He might be the cute guy in class. He might be your sexy new co-worker. He might be some stranger who lives in your apartment complex or a guy you’ve seen a few times at the bar when you’ve been out late with your girlfriends.

an attractive couple Regardless, if you want to make a man attracted to you so you can ultimately make him fall in love with you, then the key lies in understanding men and knowing what men really want in a woman.

By becoming an irresistible woman who makes him feel like no other woman ever has, you’ll be able to capture his heart and make him yours.

How To Attract A Guy – 5 Simple Tips To Get A Guy To Notice You

Be Beautiful

First and foremost, always be beautiful. You might be wondering what exactly that means, so let’s explore this a bit further.

Being beautiful isn’t just about looks. It’s not about being skinny or being the girl who could be on the cover of Playboy or Sports Illustrated.

While physical appearance can play a role in catching the attention of a man and making him want you, being beautiful is more about the expression of your femininity through your actions and emotions. It’s what relationship expert, Kara Oh, refers to in her ebook, Men Made Easy, as feminine grace.

It’s true that men are hardwired biologically to be attracted to the physical appearance of a woman. As a woman you can choose to accept this and not hold it against him or you can choose to be a man hater who sees guys as nothing but shallow, uncaring jerks. The former is a much better attitude to take if you want to catch and keep a man.

Remember, your looks are your first chance to make a good impression because that’s the very first thing he’ll see before he ever gets to know you.

However (and this is a very important point), men don’t fall in love with or marry a woman based on her looks. Men fall in love with girls who make them feel good. The relationship doctor, Bob Grant, explores this concept in detail in his guide to understanding men, “The Woman Men Adore”.

Always be as beautiful as YOU can be if you want to attract men. Remember, it’s about expressing your femininity and not about dressing like a prostitute or making men feel like you’re giving them an open invitation for sex.

Being beautiful is all about being comfortable with yourself and your own appearance. It’s about putting your best foot forward each and every time you’re with your man and making him feel incredible every time he’s around you.

Being beautiful is about having confidence in who you are and believing you deserve everything life has to offer, including a great man to love and cherish you. Confidence is attractive and sexy. Insecurity is your enemy when it comes to making a man attracted to you.

Compliment Him

Men love to be complimented by women. Maybe it’s ego and having an instinctively competitive nature or maybe it’s simply hardwired into their biology, but men love when a woman offers up a sincere compliment that makes them feel more like a man.

Remember, if you want to get a guy to notice you, then you have to make him feel good. A compliment is a great way to accomplish this, and as you get more comfortable with him, some well timed dirty talk can serve the same purpose.

Men are always told to compliment women, but it shouldn’t be a one way street. Society judges men on their success and, therefore, men have a strong desire to succeed at everything they do. It’s why they tend to be much more competitive than women.

When you compliment him at how good he is at something, you give him the ego stroke that makes him feel like a man. When a man associates feeling good with being around you, he’ll do virtually anything to keep you.

Why not send him a powerful text message that can spark a new romance as soon as today?

Don’t Be Afraid To Make The First Move

girl smiling The third tip in teaching you how to attract a guy is this: men love women who know what they want, especially when what they want is HIM!

If you like a guy, don’t be afraid to go after him. Chances are he likes you too, but is afraid to make the first move because being rejected by a woman can be a huge confidence crusher for many men.

Remember, some guys can be extremely shy when it comes to approaching women. Being rejected is a big deal for men. But many times, the shy guys are the good guys you miss out on if you don’t take it upon yourself to approach them.

When you approach him first, you take pressure off him to be responsible for making the first move. You also express interest in him and exude confidence which is exactly what men want in a woman.

If you want to give him a big ego boost and make him feel like a stud, then give him hints to show him you’re interested, but don’t directly ask him out. This can be accomplished through flirting. This way he can still feel like he’s being a man by asking you out even though you actually made the first move.

If he doesn’t catch on to your hints or still won’t make a move, then be bold and ask him out. If he’s dragging his feet, it’s the only way you’ll know for sure if he’s interested or not. If you’re nervous about approaching and asking a guy out because you’re not sure what type of date to go on, this list of over 300 date ideas might help.

Never Try To Change Him Or Make Him Feel Like He’s Not Good Enough

If you want to attract a guy, make him want you, and ultimately make him fall in love with you, then love and appreciate him for who he is. Never try to change him and never do or say things to make him feel like he’s not good enough just the way he is. Take some time and learn why respect is even more important to men than love.

Kara Oh points out that many women make the mistake of falling in love with a man’s potential and not with who he really is. A man will resent you if he feels you are trying to change him.

Everyone has faults, flaws, and imperfections. Catch the attention of a man by making him feel like he’s perfect just the way he is.

Men NEED to feel admired, especially if you want them to see a long-term future with you. It’s critical to getting him to commit.

A Woman’s Smile Can Melt A Man’s Heart

Lastly, use your smile every chance you get. Nothing melts a man faster then a beautiful smile from an attractive woman. And no woman is more attractive than the one who is outgoing, fun, happy, and who enjoys life and all it has to offer.

If he doesn’t know you very well or if you’re trying to catch his attention for the first time, then a warm smile let’s him instantly know you’re approachable and friendly. It immediately melts away the fear of being rejected if he approaches you or asks you out.

When it comes to attracting men, a weak half-smile just won’t do. To be constantly on his mind give him the biggest smile that lets him know you’re interested and attracted to him.

Derek Maak has been writing about relationships for as long as he can remember. He hopes to bring more passion, romance, intimacy, desire, and FUN to every interaction with your loved one. Connect with Derek on Twitter, Facebook, and .


  1. I’ve known this guy for 11 years and we’ve been great friends. It has been brought to my attention, however, that he may have feelings for me. I like him more than a friend and would be thrilled to have a relationship with him, but i’m afraid if it doesn’t work out it will ruin our friendship. He talks about me living not in his house but on his property and starting a business together. I questioned him twice on the possibility of one of us getting married under those kinds of circumstances, claiming that i don’t like to share, and he stated that the children would be away at school most of the time and that i wouln’t have to share. He completely avoided the possibility of a wife or my possible one day husband. Does he like me? What should I do?

    • Hi Erica,

      It’s difficult to know exactly what he may or may not be feeling for you. Clearly he likes you, believes in you, and has a lot of trust in you since the two of you have been great friends for 11 years and since he talks about you living on his property and starting a business together.

      Of course just because he likes you doesn’t mean he wants a more serious relationship. Only he really knows how he feels.

      Love always comes with the risk of getting your heart broken. In this situation, I think the best thing to do is to be open and honest with him. Tell him how you feel. He may feel exactly the same way, but might be scared to tell you for the same reasons (e.g. not wanting to ruin the friendship).

      You can say nothing and sit and wonder the rest of your life what might have been. Or you can take the risk and tell him how you feel. Yes, you might get hurt and it might make things awkward if he doesn’t feel the same way, but it might also be the best decision you’ve ever made if he turns out to be your one and only.

      Life is all about taking risks and doing things outside our comfort zone. Relationships are no different. Go for it. :)

  2. I met him about 7 months ago and we’ve been great friends since then. But the thing is, he lives in Florida & I live in Nebraska. I’m moving there soon because I’m in love with him, but I don’t know if he wants to take things seriously. Please help. I don’t want to hear the same answers like, “if he doesn’t want to take it seriously he’s not worth the time” because he is. I just want to know how to make him feel as if this is worth taking seriously.

  3. I like this guy that i attend school with. I like him ALOT. not for his looks(even though he’s very attractive) but for his traits
    -he sweet, polite, and me makes me melt with his smile.
    but for some reason i feel like i cant approach him i feel that even though i like him that he WAY out of my lead and this may sound weird way weird actually
    but a friend of mine has number so she gave it to me so it would look like i was making the first move by getting him number and texting him first. BUT! i have NEVER texted him and i really dont know what to do. BUT i want him to like me but im not skinny and i DONT have “the looks” but i really dont know what to do to make him attracted to me so please help me Thank!

  4. This guy I know is telling my friends that he thinks I’m cute and they told him I felt the same. But I heard that he is flirting with this other girl too and they flirt all the time. Is it a good Idea to try and flirt with him or no?

  5. I’ve known a classmate of mine for more than one year. We used to tease each other alot, and we have fun doing that. However, ever since he had a girlfriend, we dont talk much anymore. I am attracted to him, I know that he’s my type of guy. He was with his girlfriend for 4 months, then they broke up. Ever since, i cant find topics to talk to him about. We don’t talk as much as we used to anymore and sometimes there may be even awkward silences where he would just play with his phone, when we have lunch together. I do want to attract him, but awkward conversations are not the way. What should i do? If i were to start a conversation? what topic should it be on to make him interested? Please help!

  6. I met a guy in another city while I was on vacation. I gave him my number and he called me. On our first call he was talking relationship. This scared me and I said as much in a text. the next time I talked to him he was more calm but every chance he made it known that he was interested in seeing if this could be more, so much so I started buying into that too. we talked for hours a day everyday. I am a runner from relationships comparing men to my ex. but with him i accepted him flaws and all and liked it, so much that i realized what I have been missing. Then we had a miss understanding and when he hung up he didnt call for two days, just to finally call me and say he was mad. I said that we didnt have that luxury because we are in differenct cities and all we have is communication until I see him in a month and that he should have told me that he was mad and that he would call me in a couple of days or something because when we got off the phone he didnt sound mad. after that we talked but not as long but still everyday until while we were on the phone he was talking to another person and the phone hung up and I called back and asked why did he talk to someone else when I was on the phone. He said he understood me but he needed to call me back. that was seven days ago. no call back. I get the stop calling in relationships but what gets me is when it happened the first time i told him i thought his feelings changed and that he was done. He told me that walking away is too easy that he was in for the long haul and that his feelings would not go away that easy. I just feel that at the level we were on if there was a problem he should have said something so that we could work it out or mutual agree to walk away. I dont know anything right now but that he is not calling I texted and called him once about 5 days ago. should I call again, cut my losses and move on or what? PS I can talk to any body but I want to talk to him I really liked him and by what he was saying I thought he liked me its weird because he was always letting me know how he felt about me as I let him know how I felt about him, even though we were in the getting to know you phase and in different cities we seemed to have made a connection and we both had plans to see each other in a month. also he has phone issues so he would have to contact me more that I can contact him.

  7. I have had a huge crush on a certain person on the police force where I live .. Im not sure if im crazy ..but, for the past several/several months I have been feeling attracted to this officer ..When I see him my heart flutters & i can feel my heart beat in my neck.. I stutter & cant make eye contact with him … I have a troubled teenaged child & I see this officer alot because of of my child .. He randomly stops by my place to see how im doing . I’m not quite sure what I should do about this feeling.. Im to afraid to approach him in fear of rejection ..cause he has not made any advances to me. .. I dont think he knows how I have been feeling…lil advice would be nice.

  8. Hi Derek! Am very confused right now. 3 years ago, I bumped this decent guy in the church where we the same attend the service. It took awhile before I noticed him because am always in a hurry after each service until one incident, he intentionally waited in front of the church where I usually pass and gave me a long and locked-in stare and gazed me from head to toe that surprised me. Since then and until now, he always give me a stare. Just last month, we acquainted in just a few minutes talk. I learned that he was a medical practitioner and gave me his calling card. He ended by saying call me up if you need anything. I never called because on the night he gave his number, I expected him to ask my number and it’s his duty. Our first conversation has no more follow-up but every time we see each other in the church, he still stares at me when am not looking and when he passes and knows am around, he either bows his head or avoids my presence. How do you assess that kind of behavior from a guy? A lot of instances that I caught him just staring at me but he never do any move to even approach me. Why? In your male point of view, what can you say about this, does he really like me?

    • Hi Ravenedenice,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

      If it’s been 3 years and he still hasn’t made a move, then it makes me question how interested in you he really is. By the way, does he ever smile when you catch him looking at you or does he just stare? Smiling is a good thing. Just staring at you is kind of creepy.

      Keep in mind, one of the biggest fears men have is being rejected by a woman they are interested in. Even though most guys like to chase and feel like it’s their “duty” to ask the woman out, a lot of men will still be hesitant if they aren’t getting any signals from you that you’re interested. There are in fact shy guys out there who have a really hard time approaching a woman unless they get a lot of positive signals from her.

      If you want him to approach you, then you need to give him signals that you’re interested. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to give him a big smile the next time you see him looking at you or pass him in the hall. Don’t be afraid to say hello. Make eye contact with him when he looks at you rather than looking away.

      When he talked to you, he may have found it easier and less awkward to give you his card rather than asking for your number. Then, when you didn’t contact him he may have taken that as a sign that you weren’t interested which is probably why he hasn’t tried to approach or start up a conversation with you again. It’s also possible he was just passing out his card from a “business” standpoint.

      Try giving him clear signs that you’re interested. Smile and don’t be afraid to start up a conversation if you pass him in the hall. Just because he’s the guy doesn’t mean he has to make the first move. If you give him signs that you’re interested and he still doesn’t approach, then he’s probably not going to.