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Top Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Dating Tips For Women – 13 Short Dating Tips To Help You Find Mr. Right

Dating tips for women seem to come at you from every direction. Your friends, your family, and even the hobo in the train station down the street jump to tell you what they think about the men in your life.

But where does most of this dating advice leave you? Heart broken? Confused? Frustrated? Annoyed and irritated? Sad and lonely?

The problem is most dating tips for women are based on just one perspective…that of the person giving you the advice. Worse yet, it always seems like the people who have the least success in dating and relationships are always the ones to be first in line to give you the advice.

You know the people. It’s the man who’s been married and divorced 3 times. It’s your best friend who only tells you what you WANT to hear and not what you NEED to hear. It’s the girl who is always fighting with her boyfriend and telling you what a jerk he is.

Are these the best people to get dating advice from? Probably not.

After all, if you wanted advice on how to fix your car, you’d talk to a mechanic. You wouldn’t talk to your next door neighbor who doesn’t even own a car.

So why take dating and relationship advice from people who are in and out of one relationship after another?

Dating Tips For Women – Seek Advice From Experts

If you want the best dating tips, then it’s best to seek out experts in the field. Top love gurus like Kara Oh, Bob Grant, Michael Fiore, Paige Parker, and Mimi Tanner make dating and relationships their life. It’s all they do.

Heck, Kara Oh even went as far as locking 4 men in a room with 30 inquisitive women. The women were allowed to ask the men any question they wanted. This was all part of an experiment to truly understand men and to get to the bottom of what men want in a woman and relationships.

You might be here because you’re growing more and more tired of the dating game. It’s heartbreaking when you put all your time and energy into a guy for months, or even years, only to have the relationship crumble. Then, you’re back to square one and starting all over again.


But on the flip side, when you find that one special guy…your very own Mr. Right…it makes it all worth it. There’s no better feeling than being utterly in love with another human being and knowing they feel the same way about you.

So here’s what we did for you…

We went to some of the leading experts in the fields of dating and relationships and extracted what they knew. We want to help you get rid of the Mr. Wrong’s right away so you don’t waste your time and energy on a man who isn’t right for you. At the same time, we want to help you find Mr. Right so you can have the type of relationship you truly deserve.

We realize it’s difficult and it’s easy to put the good guys off by saying or doing the wrong things, even if they are unintentional. We hope the tips listed below will help you. And, as always, if you have questions just ask.

6 Dating Tips For Women – How To Find And Keep Mr. Right

Below you will find good dating advice for women. Keep these dating tips in mind as you start searching for that one special guy to make an instant and everlasting connection with.

1.) You’ll Have To Kiss A Few Frogs

If you want to find Prince Charming, chances are you’ll have to kiss a few frogs along the way. This is perfectly natural. Finding the right guy takes time. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t hit a homerun with the first guy who asks you out.

Every man who isn’t right for you brings you one step closer to finding Mr. Right. Give a guy a chance, but don’t waste your time if there isn’t a spark. Trust your instincts. It’s better to move on quickly then to find out months later you’re still with a guy you never really liked that much in the first place.

2.) First Impressions

First impressions count. When a guy first asks you out on date, he’ll be on his best behavior to impress you. A good concept to keep in mind is, “If you don’t like him at his best, you’re not going to love him at his worst.” Don’t waste time dating the wrong guys when you could be chasing after the right ones.

If he accidentally spills a drink on you or himself because of first date jitters, that’s one thing. But if you sense he’s arrogant, rude, or uncaring on the first date, then chances are he’s not going to change. Don’t think you’re that one special girl who CAN change him. You CAN’T.

3.) Text Messages – Good Or Bad?

Cell phones and text messaging have given rise to a whole new set of dating rules. Text messaging can help or hurt your relationship. If you go out on a date, turn your phone off, put it away, and actually listen to what the guy has to say. There are very few things that are so urgent they can’t wait for an hour or two.

No guy wants to be with a girl who is constantly texting her friends while he’s trying to have a nice dinner date with her. It’s a huge distraction, and it’s rude. Nothing says, “I’m totally not into you, and I think you’re the most boring guy ever” faster than being on your phone when he’s trying to have a conversation with you.

But text messaging isn’t always a bad thing…

If you’ve been dating a guy for a while and want to know how to use text messages to spice up the relationship and keep him wanting you more and more, then you might check out Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back. It will teach you the RIGHT ways to use text messages in dating and relationship scenarios.

You can also use text messages to get your ex back.

4.) He’s Not Your Ex, So Don’t Judge Him That Way

Never judge a new guy based on past experiences with exes. Just because an ex treated you a certain way in the past doesn’t mean a new guy is going to do the same thing.

For example, just because your ex stayed out late nights and cheated on you doesn’t mean if your new boyfriend stays out late with the guys that he’s also cheating on you. The new guy isn’t the guy who hurt you. Don’t take it out on him. Trust him until he gives you reason not to.

5.) Make Him See You As Valuable

Be valuable. By this we mean don’t give up everything on the first date. Be mysterious and don’t reveal everything about yourself. Men like the hunt. At the same time, you don’t have to kiss him or have sex with him to get him to like you or to get him to ask you out on a second date.

Make him prove that he values you as a person. You’re rare, unique, and valuable. Make sure he understands that before you give in to his advances.

6.) He’ll Pay, And You’ll Let Him

Let him pay for the date. If a guy asks you out on a date, he generally assumes he’s going to pay for dinner, a movie, or whatever else you’re doing. Men want to feel successful and want to feel like providers. Paying gives men a sense of worth.

Letting him pay doesn’t mean you’re being rude or mean. It doesn’t mean you owe him sex at the end of the night. When you consider clothes, hair, make-up, waxing, etc., you’ve already spent your fair share just to look good for him before the date even starts.

4 More Dating Tips For Women

These next few tips will give you further help on a first date.

1.) Plan An Emotionally Charged First Date

First dates are meant to be fun. Great first dates should be emotionally charged and exciting. Think roller coasters or go kart racing instead of dinner and a movie if you want to create a strong bond right from the get go.

2.) Past Relationships Are Just That…Past

Past relationships shouldn’t be a first date conversation. Let the past be the past. Yes, your past has helped make you who you are, but no guy wants to hear about all the other guys you’ve been with right off the bat. Never talk to your new guy about your sex life with an ex.

Past relationships don’t apply to your current relationship. This is a new guy. It’s a new relationship. Don’t compare him to past boyfriends and lovers. It’s not fair and it’s irrelevant. You’ll only make him feel like he’s not good enough or that you’re not over your ex.

3.) Beware Of His Ex Bashing

A guy who constantly talks about his exes on a first date is a red flag. You shouldn’t talk about your exes on a first date and neither should he. Be extremely leery if he’s constantly bashing his exes.

After all, you’re not dating him to learn about all the other women he’s been with. You’re supposed to be having fun and getting to know each other. Keep conversation light and flirty. Serious stuff can come later.

4.) If It’s Not Right, Walk Away….No, RUN!

If a first date isn’t going well, it’s ok to walk out. Don’t feel like you owe him a full night. If a connection isn’t there, then what’s the point? Glancing at your watch can help give him the clue you aren’t into him.

A Few Tips For Keeping A Guy Interested

Here are some dating tips for women to help you keep a guy interested for as long as you want to.

1.) Be A Little Aloof

Even if you’re attracted to him on the first date, don’t just jump all over him. Men like the hunt. They like to chase and pursue women. It’s engrained in their DNA. If he immediately knows he’s got you wrapped around his finger, then he’ll probably lose interest.

2.) Being Busy Is Good

Be busy. Don’t just wait around for him to call you. Have a life that extends beyond him. You shouldn’t answer every one of his phone calls right away or respond to all of his texts immediately. You’re more valuable when your life doesn’t just revolve around him. And not knowing what you’re up to will have him thinking about you constantly.

3.) No Commitment? No Rules

Just because you’ve gone on a date with a guy doesn’t mean you can’t date other guys as well. If both parties haven’t agreed to a committed relationship, then there’s nothing wrong with going on dates with several different guys. However, it’s best to be upfront about this so you can both be on the same page.

Similarly, if you find out he’s dating another girl, don’t get mad. If you haven’t agreed to be exclusive, then he has every right to date other women just like you have the right to date other men. When you date other people, it makes you more valuable and more attractive because it shows you are desirable to more than just one person.

By keeping these dating tips in mind, you’ll have more fun and won’t waste time on the wrong guys. Mr. Right is out there. Go get him, girl!

Derek Maak has been writing about relationships for as long as he can remember. He hopes to bring more passion, romance, intimacy, desire, and FUN to every interaction with your loved one. Connect with Derek on Twitter, Facebook, and .